Sunday, 3 April 2011

Bicycle Thieves

Today, I came face-to-face with the cyclist's worst enemy, the bicycle thief. On locking my supermarket-bike up with my Abus chain lock (65 Euros of German steel) and a cheap wire lock for the front wheel, I remarked that the Bianchi men's mountain bike and a good woman's mountain bike next to my bike were secured by a relatively thin cable lock. When Kimberley and I came back to my bike, we saw two Italian men, one pretending to be on the phone, the other chopping through the wire with the pliers. A busy piazza, loads of people around, nobody cared. By the time we had ran over to the lazy police at the other end of the piazza, they had just gone, and the police didn't even bother radioing anyone. I am sure that this sort of crime will be on the increase in the UK, so I would just like to remind you all to be careful where and how you lock your bike up, don't leave it for too long and to invest in the best locks money can buy.