Friday, 5 April 2013

27/03/2013 - NCN52 Signing trip - Nuneaton

At 6:30 on this morning, my partner, Jean, dropped me off at Higham on the Hill, before taking the kids to the childminder and going to work. It started to SNOW! Panniers, rackbag and handlebar bag fitted rucksack on and ready to go. I set off, replacing a couple of signs on Wood St then trundled off down to the A5 & Nuneaton.

A right, then a left into the underpass onto the Weddington Country Walk and STOP. The local skateboarders had left all of their stunt ramps cluttering the underpass. One of their rigs was blocking the whole width, so I had to dismount and move it out of the way. (see photo) I replaced tired or vandalised signs and added a few new reminder signs as I went. What is it about Sandon Park Reccy, that our signs are torn down or damaged every-time I inspect the route? I have tried to be a bit coy this time, putting my new sign inside the H of a fence upright. Glad to say that Stoney Road & Midland Road signs were still in good order.

I then tackled the Coventry canal, from Midland Road to Triton Road. I had received views that there were not enough reminder signs and that some directions were a little lacking in places. I attended to this matter with a bit of creativity, using scissors and a permanent marker (for a temporary solution).

I added a few new signs to simplify the route between the Canal and Wembrook and make it more user-friendly. On the Wembrook Trail none of the SUSTRANS signposts have all of their arms anymore, if any, I attended to this matter by replacing them with Ranger signs where needed.

At about 10am I visited Ian to check that his kettle was in working order. I think that the snow had put him off joining the venture, but he did supply me with a good stock of signs

A few extra signs were required around the A444 central ring-road, to simplify the route and make it easier to follow, in both directions.

This only left the A444 Weddington Road, between Leicester Road and the Country walk to attend to. I rode out one way & back the other, as each side of the road has its own cycle lane. I made sure that there was a reminder sign at least every ¼ mile.

I finished my venture around 14:30, returning home via the A47 and Hinckley. This was not without incident, as the photos of Barwell Lane will testify.

When I got home, I reported the problems I had found on various routes to the relevant authorities.

Warwickshire CC redirected me to Nuneaton & Bedworth BC, who seemed less than enthusiastic, to clear the numerous pallets & other wood from below the A5 Watling St/ Weddington Walk subway. This was despite the fact of my warning that the amount of wood accumulated, could pose a serious fire risk, under the A5, with significant possibility of structural damage.

A young gent from Leicestershire CC, highways and maintenance, called me several times to keep me updated about the fallen trees on Barwell Lane, Hinckley. The last time he called, was to let me know that his crew had been out and felled 3 dangerous trees in all (I had only reported 2) and that the pathway was now fully open and usable again. – Many thanks to “Shiraz” I hope I have his name right, not only for getting the job done quick, but also for excellent customer service.